Oh, hello there. Hi.


Welcome.  I like playing dress up and dreaming about world domination.  What do you like to do in your spare time?

Suicide Smock used to be ScarlettLily Saphir and Tart Quandry.  Now it’s just me.  Posh Deluxe.  People change names all the time.  Don’t worry, it’s fine.

Suicide smock.  That’s what they call prison uniforms without buttons or strings or zippers so you can’t kill yourself with your clothes.  It’s not all that accurate in this case, though, because I OD on fashion like every. single. day.

10 thoughts on “Oh, hello there. Hi.

  1. hello girls. I want say I like so much the work you are doing here, and most your photos, are amazing


    hugs you both

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