Wherever I’m going, I’m already home.

outside full

This post will be disgustingly long.  I mean truly disgusting.  I could not help it.  When I saw this house from Scarlett Creative, I knew I could die happy.  I’ve already blogged the little cabin she did in the same theme, but look!  Big house!  Big gorgeous house!  It’s my favorite house ever, and I have spent every one of my SL minutes since then trying to find my favorite things to stash in every single corner and honestly I can’t wait to re-do it all again when I decorate for Christmas.  So yeah.  Disgustingly long post.  Here you go.

kitchen bigger

kitchen smaller

middle section 2

middle section 1

living room full

living room split


outside split

Big stuff!!!:
House: Scarlett Creative Woodsman Cottage // Charlotte Bartlett (porch not included, additional snowflake wall decals added by me)
Trees:  Studio Skye: Enchanted Woods v2 // Alex Bader
Skydome:  Turnip’s Skydome 2.0 (with fall texture HUD) // Turnip Sorbet

Kitchen 1:
Shelves/cupboards:  nordari – simple kitchen // Jordan Giant
Refrigerator:  Trompe Loeil – Retro Kitchen Refrigerator // Cory Edo
Lilac Tray:  PILOT – Lilac Tray // Kaz Nayar
Tea Pot/cups:  {af} Tiffany Tea Pot RARE and Lemon Tea // warehousefifteendesigns (past Arcade items)
Books (on fridge):  {af} Breakfast Books // warehousefifteendesigns (past Arcade item)
Rope Bulbs:  Hanging Bulb – Triple // Agustkov
Scale/jars:  Sari-Sari – Scale with Books and Mason Jars/Notepad // stupidmonkey
Bento boxes:  .: Standby Inc. – Fukuro Mochi and Buta Nikkuman // StandbyInc (past Arcade items)
Clock radio:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Clock Radio (yellow) // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Books (on shelf):  -tb- Bon Voyage – Books // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Flower planter:  Just Design – Recycled Luggage Planter white w/flowers // davidfre
Applause sign:  Seven Emporium – Applause Box // Agustkov
Poppies vase:  AF Poppies/Glazed Vase // warehousefifteendesigns (past Arcade item)
Luggage:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Stacked Suitcases // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Cookbook:  {what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Recipe Book & Stand // Winter Thorn
Espresso maker/cups:  .:Standby Inc. – Portable Espresso Maker and extra cups // StandbyInc
Artwork:  *ionic* flying north and is it a dream? // Iakua Arriaga
Stool:  junk. ari stool. natural. // Tab Tatham
Rug:  *+N3F+* Treerug Gray // Sachiyo Noel

Kitchen 2:
Table:  Art Dummy! sustain. table-wood // Gala Charron
Chairs:  Art Dummy! sustain. chair-wood // Gala Charron
Rug:  junk. woven stripe rug. // Tab Tatham
Pancake tray:  {vespertine- pancake tray) // Amelie Knelstrom (past Arcade item)
Stacked platter:  {af} Treats Platter RARE // warehousefifteendesigns (past Arcade item)
Toast tray:  {af} Toast & Butter // warehousefifteendesigns (past Arcade item)
Hanging poofs:  -tb- Tea Time – Poof Balls // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Memo board:  {what next} Notice Me Memo Board – Kitchen // franklee Anatra
Floor pillows (in corner — see middle section picture):  junk. cushion pile. vegetable soup. // Tab Tatham

Chair:  {af} Tiffany Dining Chair RARE // warehousefifteendesigns (past Arcade item)
Desk:  Art Dummy! Scrappy Table // Gala Charron
Typewriter:  floorplan. typewriter gacha / chevron // Tegan Serin (past Arcade item)
Paper airplane:  R(S)W Paper Airplane – Class Notes // Robin Sojourner
Stacked papers:  floorplan. jack’s manuscript // Tegan Serin
Lamp:  Schadenfreude Alabaster Mermaid Lamp // Allegory Malaprop
Clocks/signs:  Seven Emporium – The Filmore Factory Clock and City Signs // Agustkov
Ribbon roll:  *Second Spaces* craft room – ribbons // Elle Kirshner (past Arcade item)
Globe:  .:Standby Inc. – Globe (Platinum) // StandbyInc
Camera:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Vintage Camera // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Birdcage:  Zenith – Kiosk Birdcage (White) // Miffyhoi Rosca
Book wall:  LISP – Book Wallpaper Panel – books // Pandora Popstar
Lilacs jar:  The Loft – Meid Lilacs White // Colleen Desmoulins
Cards:  *Second Spaces* game of war // Elle Kirshner (past Arcade item)
Folded blanket:  LISP – Snuggle Blanket – Beige // Pandora Popstar
Framed pics:  Sari-Sari – Frame with Mail // stupidmonkey
Camera gear:  !! Follow US !! Suitcase photographer // Laurent83 Waco
Side table:  :Cheeky Pea: Deconstructed Side Table // Isla Gealach
Lilac vase:  {af} Lustful Lilacs // warehousefifteendesigns (past Arcade item)
Chalkboard easel:  Sari-Sari – Chalkboard Mini // stupidmonkey
Chair:  Art Dummy! summertide. (chair, modern-gold) // Gala Charron
Devotional artwork:  Zinnias – Mexican Nicho // Zinnia Karu
Rug:  :Cheeky Pea: Mainstream Rug // Isla Gealach
Curtains:  floorplan. chevron curtains / purple // Tegan Serin

Living Room:
Sofa:  {af} Fashion Couch {Artisan} // warehousefifteendesigns
Chairs:  AF Milan Lounge (Antique Leather) // warehousefifteendesigns
Coffee table:  .encore. Wagon Table – light // Verone Potez
Rug:  AF Panoramic Rug // warehousefifteendesigns
Magazine table:  junk. wanda magazine table. oak. // Tab Tatham
Safe table:  PILOT – Old Safe Table // Kaz Nayar
Table lamp:  PILOT – Pharmacy Lamp [Teal] // Kaz Nayar
Table decor:  POST: Sankei Camera Tableau // Van Auster
Ottoman:  The Loft – Aaron Ottoman Rust // Colleen Desmoulins
Shelving unit:  {af} Construct Shelving // warehousefifteen designs
Cross:  POST: Dunwich Cross // Van Auster
Mounted skull:  AF Springbok Skull // warehousefifteendesigns
Terrarium:  AF Fern Specimen // warehousefifteendesigns
Books:  AF Books // warehousefifteendesigns
Apples plate:  floorplan. caramel apple platter // Tegan Serin
Dice game:  *Second Spaces* dice throw set // Elle Kirshner
Pet:  :BB: Wizarding Frogbit A // suetabulous.yootz
TV (far right):  LISP – Vintage TV // Pandora Popstar
Picture frame:  *ionic* yellow frame // Iakua Arriaga
TV (mid-right):  *ionic* retro tv (indie) // Iakua Arriaga
TV (mid-left):  :Cheeky Pea: Earnst TV // Isla Gealach
Skull candle/flower:  Zinnias – Dia de los Muertos skull // Zinnia Karu
TV (far left):  LISP – Portable TV on Trunk // Pandora Popstar
Game console:  :Cheeky Pea: Playing Games Console // Isla Gealach
Mounted heads:  .:Standby Inc. Faux-idermy Papa Elk and Momma Bear // StandbyInc
Drapes:  AUTRES – Drape (Full) – Ombre Teal // Silent Acoustic
Floor lamp:  POST: Hillsboro Afterburner Floor Lamp // Van Auster
Coloring book (on chair):  R(S)W Coloring Book – Open // Robin Sojourner
MP3 player (on chair):  -tb- Bon Voyage – MP3 (Green) // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Artwork (fur coat):  POST: “Wolfskin,” Zorn, 1915 // Van Auster
Dartboard:  :Cheeky Pea: Kraken Dart Board – Natural // Isla Gealach
Camera nightlight:  Intrigue Co. – Novelty Nightlights: Camera // Katharine McGinnis (past Arcade item)
Artwork (naked):  POST: “Torso,” Ingres, 1801 // Van Auster

Curtains:  floorplan. chevron curtains/coral // Tegan Serin
Bed:  floorplan. bibliophile bed // Tegan Serin
Book (on bed):  AF Open Book // warehousefifteendesigns
Side tables:  nordari. / recycled tables. // Jordan Giant
Phone:  Soothe. Telephone (yellowdot) // Menileelee Gelles
Travel supplies:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Ready to Travel // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Coffee:  :Cheeky Pea: S’mores Camp Coffee // Isla Gealach
LOVE sign:  Seven Emporium – Love Vintage Sign // Agustkov
Wood planks:  Scarlet Creative Woodmans Spare Planks // Charlotte Bartlett
Curtain (white):  [Ink] Polka dot curtain // nontroppo torii
Rug:  MudHoney Priya Rug Beige // Rayvn Hynes
Suitcase:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Stacked Treasures RARE // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Bathtub:  Pixel Mode – Old Time Bath RARE // Tya Fallingbridge (past Arcade item)
Chair:  :Cheeky Pea: Painter’s Armchair // Isla Gealach
Chandelier:  MudHoney Addison Chandelier – yellow // Rayvn Hynes
Light strings:  {what next} Amalfi String Lights – white // Franklee Anatra
Shutter picture frames:  floorplan. shutter frame // Tegan Serin
Picture frame:  *ionic* ethnic frame // Iakua Arriaga
Porcelain platter:  -tb- Vanity – Platter of Treasures // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Towel rack:  Trompe Loeil – Morning Light Towel Rack White Peony // Cory Edo
Dresser:  floorplan. chevron dresser // Tegan Serin
Dresser items:  -tb- Vanity – Mirror and Toiletries and Compact RARE and Jewelry Tree RARE // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Artwork:  floorplan. always kiss me goodnight // Tegan Serin

Chairs:  {what next} Bramley Rocking Chairs // Winter Thorn
Side tables:  junk. cuppa for one. berry and sunshine. // Tab Tatham
Fences:  [we’re CLOSED] rope fence // Mandingo Quan
Potted flowers (stone):  Culprit – Stone Planter with chamomile // eku Zhong
Potted plant (terracota):  [ Organica ] Coleaus (white/green/red) // Aki Shichiroji
Rug:  .lame – Kyle’s Rug (Sunsplash) // Divine Falodir
Cabinet:  AF His Cabinet RARE // warehousefifteendesigns (past Arcade item)
Books (on top of cabinet):  MIASNOW Home – BOOKS ~Murakami all books upright // Miasnow Myriam
Hanging plant:  :Cheeky Pea: Sara Hanging Plant // Isla Gealach
Birdcage:  {vespertine- broken birdcage} // Amelie Knelstrom
Bike:  {what next} Bramley Bicycle // FrankLee Anatra
Wooden heart art:  Seven Emporium – Heart Painted Door // Agustkov
Hanging Planter:  Trompe Loeil – Hanging Tri-Planter Teal // Cory Edo
Pumpkins:  [DDD] Pumpkin Mix 02 // Kalia Firelyte
Lanterns:  [we’re CLOSED] wood lantern large books // Wendy Xeno
Lady Luck sign:  Seven Emporium – Lady Luck Vintage Sign // Agustkov

Tent frame:  floorplan. blinking light tent // Tegan Serin
Chandelier:  MudHoney Addison Chandelier – blue // Rayvn Hynes
Bed:  Art Dummy! fire&water (outdoor bed) and decor // Gala Charron
Rug:  MudHoney Grafik Rug // Rayvn Hynes
Apples:  floorplan. tub of apples // Tegan Serin
Candle jars:  Art Dummy! a little light. (oil lamp clear) // Gala Charron
Motel sign:  Seven Emporium – The Cupid Motel Sign // Agustkov

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