Like emptiness in harmony.

Like emptiness in harmony.

Build:  Oyasumi / shed / unfinished / RARE // Kenzo Gateaux (gatcha item)
Bed:  Floorplan. barn bed / wood // Tegan Serin
Rug:  ROOST – Provence Rug Chevron // RoostHomes
Desk:  Apple Fall Recycled Desk // Apple Fall (gatcha item)
White vase with flowers:  [*Art Dummy!] Biloom. (vase, tall) // Gala Charron
Yellow vase:  [*Art Dummy!] Biloom. (vase, medium, yellow) // Gala Charron
Desk clutter:  .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Coffee- // Druunah Esharham (gatcha item)
Phone:  -tb- Rotary Phone – Yellow // Julliette Westerburg (gatcha item)
Chair:  Oyasumi / metal chair / wood painted // Kenzo Gateaux
Knob shelf:  Oyasumi / kinky gear // Kenzo Gateaux
Skull:  Apple Fall Deer Skull // Apple Fall
Cross:  Oyasumi / kinky cross // Kenzo Gateaux
Suitcases:  -tb- Stacked Suitcases and Open Suitcase // Julliette Westerburg (gatcha items)
Candles:  Mesh Nation Cluster of Candles // Twistia Twine
Nightstand tables:  Oyasumi / hanging table // Kenzo Gateaux
Book:  Floorplan. handbook for the recently deceased // Tegan Serin
Games:  *Second Spaces* backgammon set, game of war and block stack set // Elle Kirshner (gatcha items)
Tub planter:  A.D.D.Andel! Wash Tub Planter: Fern (Dense) Weathered Wood // Andel Rhiadra
Potted plant:  Apple Fall Rosemary // Apple Fall
Cabinet:  :Cheeky Pea: Artist’s Cabinet // Isla Gealach (new today for The Neighborhood)
Crates:  Oyasami / crate (bottles) / white and crate (jars) / light // Kenzo Gateaux
Sign art:  MudHoney Route 66 Bus Stop Sign // Rayvn Hynes
Gas pump shelf (outside behind cabinet):  junk. gas pump shelves. blue. // Tab Tatham

Landscaping items from Studio Skye // Alex Bader


Wood-toned winter.

bedroom 1. bedroom 2. entry. loft lounge.

Another ridiculously long post to show off some of my favorite things from the Arcade, the Mens Dept. and the Chapter Four events!

Arrow sign:  7 – Neon Arrow // Agustkov (at the Arcade!)
Postcard stand:  {vespertine – postcard stand} // Amelie Knelstrom (at the Arcade!)
Rug: MudHoney Amaris Medallion rug // Rayvn Hynes
Bike:  Hideki – Bike // Hideki Carami (gacha at The Chapter Four!)
Floor lamp:  junk. t frame light. // Tab Tatham (at the Mens Dept!)
Chair:  oyasumi / workchair / grey // Kenzo Gateaux (at the Mens Dept!)
Daffodil vase:  The Secret Store – Wild Flower – Big Vase of Daffodils RARE // Maylee Oh (at the Arcade!)
Sideboard:  AF Fleur Sideboard (Grey) // Apple Fall (at the Arcade!)
Radio:  oyasumi / boxradio / lightwood // Kenzo Gateaux (previous gacha item)
Coffee tray:  {B.C.C} YumYum Mochi Tea coffee tray // vitamingirl (at the Arcade!)
Book suitcase:  {vespertine – used suitcase books // Amelie Knelstrom (at the Arcade!)
Floor pillow:  AF Pillow (Tree) // Apple Fall (at the Arcade!)
Cat artwork:  (NO) CopyCatArt – Creation of the First Cat RARE, Birth of Max, Country Cats and Time to Eat? // Polyester Partridge (at the Arcade!)

Bed:  Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge bed // Charlotte Bartlett (at the Arcade!)
Vacancy sign:  7 – Vacancy Sign // Agustkov (at the Arcade!)
Trucker sign:  7 – Truckers Welcome // Agustkov (at the Arcade!)
Plant:  Scarlet Creative Mountain Love Plant in Pot // Charlotte Bartlett (at the Arcade!)
Breakfast tray:  [ARIA] Adelaide decorative tray // Yelo Uriza
Rug:  Zaara : Ikat dhurrie rug *multi* // Zaara Kohime (at the Arcade!)
Eiffel Tower light:  floorplan. eiffel tower marquee // Tegan Serin
Floor pillow:  Zaara : Patchwork cushion *elephant* // Zaara Kohime (at the Arcade!)
Dresser:  floorplan. chevron dresser // Tegan Serin
Radio:  -tb- Spring Living – Radio (blue) // Julliette Westerburg (at the Arcade!)
Calendar:  O.M.E.N. – Dear John – Pin Up Calendar // Damascusvera (at the Arcade!)
Book stack:  -tb- Spring Living – Vintage Books // Julliette Westerburg (at the Arcade!)
Covered chair:  AF Slipcover Chair (White) // Apple Fall (at the Arcade!)
Teal chair:  The Loft – Arley Chair Teal // Colleen Desmoulins (at the Arcade!)
Pillow in chair:  -tb- Spring Living – Pillow (Ram) // Julliette Westerburg (at the Arcade!)
Cabinet:  junk. morrison locker cabinet. // Tab Tatham (at the Arcade!)
Suitcases:  [Con.] Travellers Desk – Travelled Suitcase // ValiantCo (at the Arcade!)
Rolling clothes rack:  *bbqq* clothes rack – cabinet – dark A // Omiluo (at the Mens Dept!)
Screen:  floorplan. pallet room divider // Tegan Serin
Lilacs jar:  The Loft – Meid Lilacs White // Colleen Desmoulins
Black/teal chair:  {theosophy} Denham Trois Chair (coal/robin) // Trace Osterham (at the Mens Dept!)
Black/white chair:  {theosophy} Denham Trois Chair (coal/bone) // Trace Osterham (at the Mens Dept!)
Half-tables:  floorplan. half table / white and audrey // Tegan Serin
Industrial lamp:  oyasumi / takolight (plugged) / grey // Kenzo Gateaux (at the Mens Dept!)
Roses jar:  -tb- Spring Living – Roses RARE // Julliette Westerburg (at the Arcade!)
Clothesline:  -tb- Spring Living – Clothesline (poles buried inside wall) // Julliette Westerburg (at the Arcade!)

Grey/white chairs:  The Loft – Portolla Chair Grey Print // Colleen Desmoulins (at FaMESHed!)
Bundled wood:  Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Birch in Belts // Charlotte Bartlett (at the Arcade!)
Cage Candle:  The Loft – Round Cage Candle // Colleen Desmoulins
Ottoman:  The Loft – Aaron Ottoman Rust // Colleen Desmoulins
Rug (under chairs):  Zaara : Ikat dhurrie rug *beige* // Zaara Kohime (at the Arcade!)
Sideboard:  Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Side Board // Charlotte Bartlett (at the Arcade!)
Caravan cart:  PILOT – Flea Circus Caravan // Kaz Nayar (at the Arcade!)
Tray w/ jars:  PILOT – Flea Circus Accessories // Kaz Nayar (at the Arcade!)
Candles/black cage:  The Loft – Candle Cage // Colleen Desmoulins
Poster:  oyasumi / poster 4 // Kenzo Gateaux (previous gacha item)
Flower bowl on floor:  Zaara : Copper frangipani bowl *pink* // Zaara Kohime (at the Arcade!)
Rocking horse:  Hideki – Rocking Horse // Hideki Carami (gacha at The Chapter Four!)
Bunk bed:  *ionic* My bunk bed // Iakua Arriaga (gacha at The Chapter Four!)
Book stack (up top):  AF Reading Pile // Apple Fall (at the Arcade!)
Book cart (up top):  {vespertine – bookcart for her} // Amelie Knelstrom (at the Arcade!)
Desk:  *ionic* Kool Thing (table desk) // Iakua Arriaga (at the Mens Dept!)
Chair:  *ionic* Kool Thing (desk chair) – yellow // Iakua Arriaga (at the Mens Dept!)
Laptop:  LISP – Laptop // Pandora Popstar
Wooden bird:  The Loft – Birdie (dark) // Colleen Desmoulins
Book/glasses on desk:  Zaara : Chai assortment // Zaara Kohime (at the Arcade!)
Candle vases:  The Loft – Alderan Candle Vase // Colleen Desmoulins
Rug (under bunk bed):  AF Panoramic Rug // Apple Fall
Floor pillows:  junk. cushion pile. (L) english garden. one. (R) vegetable soup. one. // Tab Tatham
Canvases:  [we’re CLOSED] painters canvas floor 2 // Mandingo Quan

Blue Rug:  Zaara : Ikat dhurrie rug *indigo* // Zaara Kohime (at the Arcade!)
Black sofa:  [*Art Dummy!] summertide. (sofa, modern-black) // Gala Charron
Leather armchair:  junk. morrison leather chair. RARE // Tab Tatham (at the Arcade!)
Wooden slat chair:  Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Deck Chair // Charlotte Bartlett (at the Arcade!)
Wood/metal side table:  junk. morrison bar table. // Tab Tatham (at the Arcade!)
Notebook tray:  {vespertine – notebook display} // Amelie Knelstrom (at the Arcade!)
Tea/letters stack:  .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Tea- // Druunah Esharham (at the Arcade!)
Coffee table:  Hideki – Industrial Table // Hideki Carami (gacha at The Chapter Four!)
Table lamp:  junk. morrison wire lamp. // Tab Tatham (at the Arcade!)
Glasses/ashtray/papers:  .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -News- // Druunah Esharham (at the Arcade!)
Wedding Bells sign:  7 – Wedding Bells RARE // Agustkov (at the Arcade!)
Yellow rug:  Kuro – Rounded rug (happy) // Luana Dawg
Cushioned stool:  junk. t. pipe stool. cushion. // Tab Tatham (at the Mens Dept!)
Amps/microphone:  Hideki – Amp // Hideki Carami (gacha at The Chapter Four!)
Screen:  junk. morrison packing crate screen. // Tab Tatham (at the Arcade!)
Pendant lamp:  junk. morrison ceiling light. // Tab Tatham (at the Arcade!)
Rolling cabinet:  Second Spaces – vintage tool cabinet – red // Elle Kirshner
Radio:  -tb- Spring Living – Radio (Beige) // Julliette Westerburg (at the Arcade!)
Red rug:  ::GUDU:: RugRug_b // Bersten
Cabinet/desk:  oyasumi / workcabinet / grey // Kenzo Gateaux (at the Mens Dept!)
Desk lamp:  .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Lamp- RARE // Druunah Esharham (at the Arcade!)
Breakfast/papers:  .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Coffee- // Druunah Esharham (at the Arcade!)
Typewriter:  floorplan. typewriter gacha // chevron RARE // Tegan Serin (past gacha item)
Phone:  .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Phone- RARE // Druunah Esharham (at the Arcade!)
Stool:  junk. t. pipe stool. leather.  // Tab Tatham (at the Mens Dept!)

Build:  Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge House RARE // Charlotte Bartlett (at the Arcade!)
Trees:  Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods // Alex Bader
Skydome:  Turnip’s Skydome 2.0 // Turnip Sorbet


comets 2

comets 3

comets 4

I’m in love with this house.  I have proposed marriage.  I would like to carry this house’s children and live happily ever after.  Catching Comets house from Scarlet Creative at Collabor88.  It will be an open marriage, so I’m alright if you love this house too.  We can be one big family.

Only a horrible blogger would put up these pictures and not give details on anything except the house.  Hi.  Posh Deluxe.  Horrible blogger.  Feel free to ask.

(Also I only just noticed some weird unrezzed textures and an odd box on the living room floor.  Listen.  I am not perfect.  LOOK AT THAT HOUSE.)

Finding your place in the world.

finding your place in the world

Bed:  Scarlet Creative Nostaglia Bed Wood/Black // Charlotte Bartlett (new at C88!)
Rug:  Cheeky Pea – Mainstream Rug // Isla Gealach
Suitcase:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Stacked Treasures // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Table:  junk. recycled road sign table. tidy. // Tab Tatham (new at The Mens Dept.!)
Music box:  floorplan. music box / cat // Tegan Serin (past Arcade item)
Pillows:  *ionic* pillow – fur // Iakua Arriaga
Stool:  Lark – Crawford Stool // Sienia Trevellion (new at C88!)
Books:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Books // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Floor heater:  Seven Emporium – Portable Furnace // Agustkov
Hanging boxes:  Hideki – Light Boxes // Hideki Carami (new gacha item at Chapter Four!)
Candles:  Art Dummy! a little light (oil lamp) // Gala Charron
Ticket Window art:  [Con.] Wanderlust Ticket Office Window // ValiantCo (new at The Mens Dept.!)
Hook w/ slip:  Lark – Crawford Wall Hook & Slip // Sienia Trevellion (new at C88!)
Photo box:  [tea.s] Chevron v1 Memories Box // Tea Soup (gacha item)
Train tracks:  [Con.] Wanderlust Tracks // ValiantCo (new at The Mens Dept.!)
Chandelier:  floorplan. nostalgic chandelier / champagne // Tegan Serin (new at C88!)
Build:  L2 Studio Tarrytown House // Lindini2 Lane

Coming soon: Masanori from MESHWORX!

entry collage final

Coming to FaMESHed on January 1 is this brand new build from Loz Hyde of MESHWORX called Masanori, equally gorgeous as a home, store or whatever use your heart finds for it.  Plenty of wide open space inside with multiple balconies, you definitely won’t lack for room.  There’s a gorgeous pool and spa area out back, a see-through fireplace in the main area with gorgeous new flames that my camera can’t do justice to.  But my favorite, favorite, favorite is the built-in atrium which pops bright green and is framed by a windowed wall of falling water.  Almost every spot in the house allows for a view of this little oasis, the perfect zen garden surrounded by mossy rocks and bamboo.  The Masanori is fully materials enabled and customizable to your specific tastes and needs.  It comes with a security system, removable blinds, gorgeous fire features, etc.  This is an incredibly special build.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

atrium collage final

piano room collage final

doors collage final

master bedroom collage final

front and back collage final

Standing there by my side when the fighting is done.

Standing there by my side when the fighting is done.

Dress:  -SU!- Alice Dress #05 // Eleanor Cyberstar (new!)
Stockings:  Izzie’s – Thigh High Knit Socks white // Izzie Button
Socks:  fri. – Legwarmers (Heel V2) – Black // Darling Monday
Shoes:  [HANDverk] Magritte Pumps // Daphne Klossovsky
Hands/Feet:  Slink AvEnhancement Casual Hands and Medium Feet // Siddean Munro
Glasses:  Blah. (My Billys Glasses) Black // Hoshi Kimono (from retro fair, not sure if that’s still going on)
Headband:  LaGyo_Catty headbend // Gyorgyna Larnia
Buttons:  2:00 PM. Bottle cap badge – man and moon // Peachbaekdo (gacha at Kustom9 event)
Watch:  -FAUN- Lightning Flashwatch – Retro // Explicitfame (at Kustom9 event)
Earrings:  .Olive. the Geek’s Book Stack Earrings – Gold // Naminaeko (at Geeks ‘n’ Nerds event)
Cat (in hand):  [ Organica ] Cat Ornament // Aki Schichiroji (gacha item and I can’t remember if it was at the mainstore or an event!)
Makeup:  Nox. Spoopy Shadow [Black] // Anya McConach
Teeth:  Izzie’s – Teeth 2 // Izzie Button
Hair:  [LeLutka]-SATO – Bournville // Thora Charron
Skin:  -Glam Affair- Elvi – Europa – Clean H // Aida Ewing
Pose:  Label Motion – Carrie Pose 5 // Anne Dakun

Seats:  junk. recycled theatre seats. pattern.  // Tab Tatham
Rug:  ::GUDU:: RugRug_K // Bersten
Wooden Deer:  +Half-Deer+ Deer Paintbrush Holders // Halogen Magic
Radio:  ::Fabuleaux:: Vintage Radio Flowers
Books:  AF Books // Warehousefifteendesigns
Posters:  Sari-Sari – OMG!!! Posters! // stupidmonkey (gachas at Geeks ‘n’ Nerds event)
Trashcan:  7 – Filmore Factory Waste Basket (patina) // Agustkov (Shoetopia gacha item)
Build:  *ionic* vintage greenhouse // Iakua Arriaga

And she never heard from him again, and he never heard of me.

And she never heard from him again, and he never heard of me.

Simple.  Low.

Dolly:  Seven Emporium – Handtruck (animated) // Agustkov (new – out today for The Neighbourhood!)
Rolling cart:  *Y’s HOUSE* ID Shelf 00 (white/mesh) // yacchan Clip
Art:  Lark – (westcoast) embroidery // Sienia Trevellion (gacha item)
White table:  floorplan. half table / white // Tegan Serin
Build:  nordari.  dark chocolate // Jordan Giant

Jeans:  DeeTaleZ Pants Skinny jeans bleached // Steffi Villota
Vest:  ISON – cargo vest (gray) // Harry Hyx
Bra:  DeeTaleZ Lingerie super cute set white // Steffi Villota
Horns:  LaGyo_Horns headpiece gold // Gyorgyna Larnia
Hair:  TRUTH Stephania – dark browns // Truth Hawks
Makeup:  Nox. Spoopy Shadow [Black] // Anya McConach
Skin:  Essences – Olyvia skin // Inka Mexicola