Like emptiness in harmony.

Like emptiness in harmony.

Build:  Oyasumi / shed / unfinished / RARE // Kenzo Gateaux (gatcha item)
Bed:  Floorplan. barn bed / wood // Tegan Serin
Rug:  ROOST – Provence Rug Chevron // RoostHomes
Desk:  Apple Fall Recycled Desk // Apple Fall (gatcha item)
White vase with flowers:  [*Art Dummy!] Biloom. (vase, tall) // Gala Charron
Yellow vase:  [*Art Dummy!] Biloom. (vase, medium, yellow) // Gala Charron
Desk clutter:  .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Coffee- // Druunah Esharham (gatcha item)
Phone:  -tb- Rotary Phone – Yellow // Julliette Westerburg (gatcha item)
Chair:  Oyasumi / metal chair / wood painted // Kenzo Gateaux
Knob shelf:  Oyasumi / kinky gear // Kenzo Gateaux
Skull:  Apple Fall Deer Skull // Apple Fall
Cross:  Oyasumi / kinky cross // Kenzo Gateaux
Suitcases:  -tb- Stacked Suitcases and Open Suitcase // Julliette Westerburg (gatcha items)
Candles:  Mesh Nation Cluster of Candles // Twistia Twine
Nightstand tables:  Oyasumi / hanging table // Kenzo Gateaux
Book:  Floorplan. handbook for the recently deceased // Tegan Serin
Games:  *Second Spaces* backgammon set, game of war and block stack set // Elle Kirshner (gatcha items)
Tub planter:  A.D.D.Andel! Wash Tub Planter: Fern (Dense) Weathered Wood // Andel Rhiadra
Potted plant:  Apple Fall Rosemary // Apple Fall
Cabinet:  :Cheeky Pea: Artist’s Cabinet // Isla Gealach (new today for The Neighborhood)
Crates:  Oyasami / crate (bottles) / white and crate (jars) / light // Kenzo Gateaux
Sign art:  MudHoney Route 66 Bus Stop Sign // Rayvn Hynes
Gas pump shelf (outside behind cabinet):  junk. gas pump shelves. blue. // Tab Tatham

Landscaping items from Studio Skye // Alex Bader

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