Finding your place in the world.

finding your place in the world

Bed:  Scarlet Creative Nostaglia Bed Wood/Black // Charlotte Bartlett (new at C88!)
Rug:  Cheeky Pea – Mainstream Rug // Isla Gealach
Suitcase:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Stacked Treasures // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Table:  junk. recycled road sign table. tidy. // Tab Tatham (new at The Mens Dept.!)
Music box:  floorplan. music box / cat // Tegan Serin (past Arcade item)
Pillows:  *ionic* pillow – fur // Iakua Arriaga
Stool:  Lark – Crawford Stool // Sienia Trevellion (new at C88!)
Books:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Books // Julliette Westerburg (past Arcade item)
Floor heater:  Seven Emporium – Portable Furnace // Agustkov
Hanging boxes:  Hideki – Light Boxes // Hideki Carami (new gacha item at Chapter Four!)
Candles:  Art Dummy! a little light (oil lamp) // Gala Charron
Ticket Window art:  [Con.] Wanderlust Ticket Office Window // ValiantCo (new at The Mens Dept.!)
Hook w/ slip:  Lark – Crawford Wall Hook & Slip // Sienia Trevellion (new at C88!)
Photo box:  [tea.s] Chevron v1 Memories Box // Tea Soup (gacha item)
Train tracks:  [Con.] Wanderlust Tracks // ValiantCo (new at The Mens Dept.!)
Chandelier:  floorplan. nostalgic chandelier / champagne // Tegan Serin (new at C88!)
Build:  L2 Studio Tarrytown House // Lindini2 Lane


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