Oh captain, my captain.

living room

game table


pool room


I tried to set a really masculine tone for this house, assuming men totally love throw pillows as much as I do.  A billion new and wonderful things listed below and somehow they all made sense and worked together for me.  It’s a good day.

The Mens Dept.
The Chapter Four

Build:  Scarlet Apple – Neva Captain’s House // Charlotte Bartlett (new at C88!)
Church pew:  POST: Birchfield Antique Pew Cushion // Van Auster (with AF Ikat Throw Cushion (Summer) from Apple Fall at TMD)
Marquee:  floorplan. drive-in marquee // Tegan Serin (new at TMD!)  (with letters from Seven Emporium)
Chaise lounge:  AF Ram Chaise (Dark Chocolate) // Apple Fall (new at TMD!)
Pendant Lamp:  AF Edi’s Lamp (Wicker) // Apple Fall (new at TMD!)
Rug:  AF Trellis Circular Rug (Black) // Apple Fall (new at C88!)
Red speakers:  floorplan. drive-in speaker // Tegan Serin (new at TMD!)
Clock:  =Zenith= Deer Wall Clock (light wood) // Miffyhoi Rosca (new at Chapter Four!)
Locker art:  floorplan. the optometrist’s locker // tegan serin (new!)
Door shelf:  :Cheeky Pea: Dean Door Shelf // Isla Gealach (VIP version)
Game table:  :Cheeky Pea: Nolan Painted Foosball Table // Isla Gealach (new at TMD!)
Bed:  PILOT – Tufted Leather Bed (Brown) // Kaz Nayar (new at C88!) (with AF Ikat Throw Cushion (Africana) from Apple Fall at TMD)
Star light:  POST: Ely Roadside Star (v2) // Van Auster
Anchor dresser:  floorplan. anchor dresser // Tegan Serin
Shaving accessories:  POST: DeWitt Shaving Set // Van Auster
Lyric artwork:  MudHoney Alright Sign // Rayvn Hynes
Locker baskets (on floor in corner) // *Second Spaces* City Pool storage lockers // Elle Kirshner
Antiqued dresser:  AF Gypsy Dresser // Apple Fall
Old book:  POST: Old-World Bible // Van Auster
Dog lamp:  {scarlet apple} Pup Lamp {Terrier} // Apple Fall
Pin-up table:  MESHWORX – Infinity Table Pinup 07 // Ioz Hyde (new at TMD!)
Pin-up chairs:  MESHWORX – Infinity Chair 07 // Ioz Hyde (new at TMD!)
Block game:  *Second Spaces* block stack set // Elle Kirshner (gacha item)
Cigar Accessories:  *Second Spaces* Ezra rotary and ashtray // Elle Kirshner
Game on floor:  *Second Spaces* backgammon set // Elle Kirshner (gacha item)
Pillows on floor:  AF Ikat Throw Cushion (green) // Apple Fall (new at TMD!)
Shelf:  PILOT – Haywood Pipe Shelf // Kaz Nayar
Wall lighting:  floorplan. industrial lighting // Tegan Serin (new at C88!)


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