And I was even beginning to think home might be with you.

shack outside

shack inside 2

Build:  Scarlet Creative Art Cabin // Charlotte Bartlett
Canopy:  Picnic lace canopy – antique // nyasyousa Oh
Stacked rocks:  [AG] Zen Stacked Rocks v1 and v2 // Logan Bauer
Yellow flower bush:  [we’re CLOSED] summer flowers // Wendy Xeno
Flowers on ground:  [ Organica ] Flame Lupine // Aki Schichiroji
Rock path:  Mesh Stepping Stones // Akira Kinomis
Squirrel (on rock stack by door) // +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (White Squirrel) // Halogen Magic (Sept. Arcade item)
Skydome:  Turnip’s Skydome 2.0 (with Fall HUD add-on) // Turnip Sorbet

Lady Luck sign:  Seven Emporium – Lady Luck Vintage Sign // Agustkov
Screen:  MudHoney Laura Screen // Ravyn Hynes
White animals on floor:  !Ohmai: Meko Mochi Ice Cream and Usagi Mochi Ice Cream // Anya Ohmai (from DU5 event)
Craft supplies:  *Second Spaces* craft room – punches // Elle Kirshner (Sept. Arcade item)
Model:  ILO: Model Form (b) // ZoZo Raven
Wall boards:  Scarlet Creative Woodmans Spare Planks // Charlotte Bartlett
Chandelier:  MudHoney Addison Chandelier – blue // Rayvn Hynes
Cabinet:  AF His Sideboard RARE // Apple Fall (Sept. Arcade item)
Rabbit statue:  Picnic rabbit head // nyasyousa Oh (from DU5 event)
Flowers:  MudHoney Priya Carnations // Rayvn Hynes
Radio:  -tb- Bon Voyage – Clock Radio (blue) // Julliette Westerburg (Sept. Arcade item
Fox:  +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (White Fox) // Halogen Magic (Sept. Arcade item)
Case of craft supplies:  *Second Spaces* craft room – crafts on the go beige // Elle Kirshner (Sept. Arcade item)
Wall ribbons:  *Second Spaces* craft room – ribbons // Elle Kirshner (Sept. Arcade item)
Heart door:  Seven Emporium – Heart Painted Door // Agustkov
Pug art:  vespertine – animalia paper print – pug // Amelie Knelstrom
Wall flowers:  [AG] Vertical Wall Planter – Mock White Roses // Logan Bauer
Bed:  [*Art Dummy!] slumber. (bed-vintage coral) // Gala Charron (Sept. Arcade item)
Pug:  Zoobies – Relaxing Tan Pug // Carrie Tatsu
Food/drink tray:  LISP – Charlotte Home Lemon Tea Tray // Pandora Popstar
Sleepy Jean artwork:  MudHoney Sleepy Jean Sign // Rayvn Hynes
Bear:  +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Brown Bear) // Halogen Magic (Sept. Arcade item)
Amp/pillows:  *ionic* amp-pillows seat // Iakua Arriaga
Beaded Curtain:  [LeeZu!] Pearl Curtain / pink // Leezu Baxter (Sept. Arcade item)
Paints and carrier:  *Second Spaces* craft room – paints // Elle Kirshner (Sept. Arcade item)
Rug:  MudHoney Grafik Rug // Rayvn Hynes


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