“For three years I had roses and apologized to no one.”

Luxuria Rosa pic

{Luxuria} is releasing this gorgeous Rosa set for the Love Donna Flora event, opening on the 25th.  There are six colors in all — peach, sundance, cherry blossom, aqua, lavender and blue fog (last two unpictured).  The lingerie and corset are sold seperately.  The lingerie will be sold for 200L and the corset for 250L, with 100% and 50% of sales donated to the cause, respectively.  This is going to be a fantastic event to help out an amazing SL creator, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Also pictured:
Necklace:  MG – Necklace – Magdalena Cross – Short – Gold // Maxi Gossamer
Hair:  TRUTH Video Games – DarkBrown // Truth Hawks (past Arcade item)
Skin:  Essences – Whisper *Sunkissed* // Inka Mexicola

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