I asked him for water, he gave me gasoline.

I asked him for water, he gave me gasoline.

Jacket:  (TokiD) Haru Jacket (gold) // Maya Levane (at TDR Fusion)
Bra:  *BOOM* Amazon Princess Bikini top // Aranel Ah (at TDR Fusion)
Pants:  ..:Perle:.. Suspender Jeans ..:Black:.. // Josephine Darkfold
Shoes:  N-core Coquette Platform “Wild Edition” // Claire Messenger (past group gift)
Piercings:  :Hebenon Vial: Liquid Gold // Trisha Zweig
Earrings:  MONS / Fur CrissCross Earrings (tan) // Ekilem Melodie (at TDR Fusion)
Sunglasses:  (epoque.s) Redemption Frames – Lemon // Vintage McMillan
Belly Ring:  (epoque) Couronne Septum – Silver // Vintage McMillan (attached to stomach)
Ring (R):  :::LP::: Dead Cattle Ring [Onyx] // Yeah, I have no idea.  Nothing else in the folder and no creator name available.  Sorry!  PS: shit like this drives me CRAZY.
Ring (L):  [DDL] Semi/precious Stone Ring/Tigers Eye // Melina Anatine
Tattoo (chest):  Letis Tattoo :: Rigel // Leti Hax
Tattoo (stomach):  .synt. forgive me father tattoo // Tart Quandry (store closed)
Fingernails:  Izzie’s – Long French Nails // Izzie Button
Beauty Marks:  mijn.botique / skincare / face beauty marks // Mijn Seoung
Teeth:  Izzie’s – Teeth 2 // Izzie Button
Hair:  (epoque hair) Tied Up – Heat 3 // Vintage McMillan
Skin:  Essences – Opera 01 *sunkissed* brunette // Inka Mexicola
Pose:  PURPLE Pose Sutton 608 // Audrey Guter


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