You could be loved no matter what.

Song ❤

Jumpsuit:  [DDL] August (is just a month) (Lb) // Melina Anatine
Shoes:  Maitreya Mesh Radical Boots * Suede Chamoisee // Onyx LeShelle (oldish group gift)
Hair flower:  /artilleri/ rose hair flower *white* // Antonia Marat
Necklace:  <-Puncture-> Zodiac Necklace (Taurus) // Reeann Frost
Camera:  Tee*fy – Vintage Brownie Camera : Beige // Azure Electricteeth (the Arcade)
Belt:  !Admiral Spicy! Mesh Waist Belt (Mint/Rose) // Sunny1986 Ember
Bracelet:  Maubray // Ari Studded Silver Cuff.silver (rare) // Meg Nowles (the Arcade)
Ring:  :CP: Macaron Ring – Peanut // Isla Gealach (the Arcade)
Fingernails:  Izzie’s – Metallic Gradient Nails // Izzie Buttons
Piercings:  <-Puncture-> Triple Bindi Piercing (Gemstone) Basics // Reeann Frost
Beauty Marks:  mijn.botique / skincare / face beauty marks // Mijn Seoung
Makeup:  cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Bohemian Beauty (Blue) // Chelle Carousel
Liner:  -Belleza- Eyeliner 1 // Shyla Diggs
Eyes:  Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Grey Shadow) // Arkesh Baral
Hair:  >TRUTH< Carmen w/Roots – espresso // Truth Hawks
Skin:  [MyDear] Tonia Skin–Medium 1 // moon Meiyo
Pose:  GLITTERATI – 338 // Katey Coppola


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