Leave tonight or live and die this way.

Top:  Tee*fy Basic Tucked Tank Grey // Azure Electricteeth (TDRb)
Skirt:  *T.Whore* – Sharpay Skirt Glam Dots // Blair Loorden
Socks:  ** [ Riddle ] ** Patterned Socks – Teals – Dark – White Tops – Hearts // Chrystina Noel
Shoes/Grey Socks:  Tyler Park – Teddy – Pink // Dr Scientist
Sunglasses:  PIDIDDLE – Fleurir Sunshades – Rade // Brutus Martinek
Earrings:  “TP!B” Metal Crash Earring // Candeebee Bade
Choker:  ~Pepper~ Choker Signs F/F // Danni Pfeffer
Necklace:  MG – Necklace – Jewelled Owl – Short – Silver // Maxi Gossamer (C88)
Bracelets: “TP!B”  Splash Bangles Pink2 and 3 // Candeebee Bade
Purse:  Tee*fy Podka Dots Long Clutch Teal // Azure Electricteeth
Piercings 1:  <.Puncture.> Dimple Piercings (Gemstone) – Basics // Reeann Frost
Piercings 2:  <.Puncture.> Triple Bindi Piercing (Gemstone) – Basics // Reeann Frost
Nail Polish:  -tb- Nail Colour (black) // Julliette Westerburg
Makeup:  *Fishy Strawberry* Kokeshi Eyes v.2 – Smokey Turquoise // Fae Eriksen
Beauty Marks:  mijn.botique / skincare / face beauty marks // Mijn Seoung
Hair:  *booN YNO421 hair chestnut (with gathered raised hairbase) // boo Nakamura
Eyes:  pc eyes – pearl – columbia – small bright // Lano Ling
Skin:  .:::Mother Goose’s:::.Nigel1teeth // Milok Hermit
Pose:  Olive Juice – Hipster Girl 3 // IsabellaGrace Baroque


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