Puppies! And dollar bills! Oh my god.

Hi there faithful followers! Because, let’s face it, if you’re reading this after months of silence from us, you’re the most faithful person we know.  We have lots of exciting news for you! Well, medium excitement. Somewhere between getting a new (adorable) puppy and finding $1 in the street.
We are here to assure you that we intend to take up this blogging malarkey again. Oh yes. Expect lots of new posts from us.
Speaking of new posts (see what I did there?) we just reached our 500th! I can’t believe it either. So yay for that. Yay!
The keener-eyed of you might have noticed a slight… ahem… change of names. It’s still us, the people you know and see wearing ridiculous outfits. It’s just newer versions of us. I’m sure you can guess which is which.
And finally… THE MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER. We have a new blogger joining us!! She happens to be amazing and lovely and cute and gorgeous. We think she’ll be a breath of fresh air with her adorable girly styles and pinchable cheeks. So please welcome Laundromathussie to the world of blogging and over accessorizing. We are certain you’ll enjoy her. ❤
– Lucid, Posh and Hussie

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