.synt. news!!

Hello, Lovely People.

You may have heard that sadly, the CHIC sim is closing on April 8th.  In honor of the CHIC sim coming to a close, we are participating in the final Fashionably Late. We hope you like what we’ve made!

In other news. We have a new Mainstore! And a very good friend of ours is opening their very first ever shape store right across from us! Her shapes really are very very good, so please come check them out!

Phew! I think that is all.  Be sure to check out the last Fashionably Late and the NEW .synt. and Tena mainstores! <33


17 thoughts on “.synt. news!!

  1. What you have created is garbage, you have disrespected the beliefs of others, is offensive ¿ Nobody taught you respect for others?. It is unfortunate that to get attention you rely on something so deplorable.

    • We don’t need to agree about what’s disrespectful and offensive. You’re just as entitled to your beliefs as I am to mine. Have a great day and thanks for visiting the blog! ❤ Tart.

  2. well…you are report for offensive behavior. May God enlighten you to learn to respect Him and people. Have you a great day

  3. Everyone in our society is entitled to their beliefs and values. The items that few are taking issue with were not created as an attack on anyone’s faith. They are a form of expression, created to highlight the juxtaposition of Christianity with the highly sexualized state of our society. Fetishization of Christianity is nothing new nor is satirization of any religious group.
    The internet is awash with images and videos that many people find offensive to their beliefs. This does not mean that they should be removed or discarded except in the very extreme cases. You have the right to not like what is posted, just as we have the right to post and create them.
    Your words offend me, and my work. We’re all offended, all of the time. And you act like you have a right to not be offended. You don’t. You have a right not to look or listen. – Scarlett

  4. Generally, when someone takes the time and energy to claim that you have offended them, they are using the supposed victimization of their psyche in order to censor or silence the music, speech, writing, art or group with which they disagree.

    When someone says they are offended by something they are making a choice to not only dislike the information they have received, but to put the burden of their dislike onto the source of the information.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, thoughts and ideas. What they posted was not directed at anyone or meant to be offensive. However, what you’ve posted in the comments is a direct attack.

  5. Been a Roman Catholic my entire life. Received every sacrament(Except Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick) I am secure in who I am and my beliefs.

    That being said, I see no problem with this at all. Second life is exactly what it is. “A second life” The place all can enjoy the freedoms of expression and exploration. You don’t like what you see utilize the big red X.

    I find it extremely offensive that certain individuals feel the need to force their beliefs on others. I like this Tattoo.

  6. I don’t find this offensive. I think it’s funny and sexy. And if there is one thing the Creator has filled the universe with it’s humor and sex. Plus, it’s SL where people have long term relationships with minotaurs and no one thinks twice.

  7. I think the point is not freedom of thought or anything like that. The problem is the obscene use of a very important symbol for Christianity. I am an open minded person, but never would use a symbol of any religion in a way that was offensive to those who believe in it.
    I would not use that way a tattoo with the Star of David, or an image of Buddha or the Coran because I think it would be disrespectful to many people. Neither would use in this way the image of the father of any of you …
    Perhaps not understand my position because I feel this as I feel. There is no bad intension in the protest, just seems an aggression
    My rights to freedom of expression have as limit the rights of others
    Sorry if I did not express clearly, my language is Spanish and I am using a translator to express my thoughts.
    Respect is respect and no art or freedom of expression that may be above that 🙂
    Happy Easter to all and hopefully illuminate their hearts a little

    • She,
      You expressed yourself very well and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtful opinion with us. 🙂 Please understand that our freedom of expression is in no way limited by your desire to never be offended by anything you ever see, hear, feel or experience. I see things regularly that I find distasteful or offensive. I do not level insults or threats at the people responsible for them. I simply choose to turn my attention elsewhere, and that’s what we are politely encouraging you, and anyone else who doesn’t care for this one item, to do. Have a great day and take care! ❤ Tart.

  8. We live in a global culture these days where no matter what art, be it a book, painting, movie, tattoo, or anything else, will offend someone. A few years ago I couldn’t tell you the number of debates I got into with people, because I found something offensive, or their comments offensive. A debate is fine, it’s what helps most of our societies grow to this day. However, reporting people and directly attacking the creators over something that was not aimed at you, is not what would be considered a healthy debate and is counter productive because it polarizes both sides.

    The use of religious icons, in this case a cross. Is not something new in art, especially modern day art. An artist’s creation is in almost every way, a way of the artist communicating their beliefs or viewpoints to the public in an easily assimilated way. Art is meant to provoke a reaction in the viewer. And as the saying goes, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. What you see in this may not, and almost very definitely isn’t, what someone else sees.

    Almost all of us have some issue that we feel strongly about. Nowhere is this more evident than on the internet. But that is also what is so wonderful about the internet, it exposes you to different views. Sometimes these views are directly opposed to your own, and that is a great thing because it challenges your own viewpoints. And as a result, you either end up changing your mind, or deciding that viewpoint is wrong and clinging to your own even more than before.

    So, if you found that this made you even more affirmed in your beliefs and ideologies, then be proud of that in yourself and not attempt to sway people (or even punish them with a buzzword like “offensive”) who have different views to your side. If we all held the same viewpoints, beliefs, and ideologies, then it would be a very boring world.

    • *I would love to explain to me what were the intentions of the image, since all shout that there is nothing wrong but I feel like an affront to my beliefs.
      Maybe I’m stupid to see how all of you, but what I felt, I felt it, beyond his intentions.
      I never intended anyone to think like me (im not stupid), I just spoke of respect for what for me (and millions of people) is sacred.
      But in the end all, I can understand why the world is as it is all mixed, the Bible and the water heater. Internet is no excuse for rudeness.
      We live in a world where they tell you if you’re rebellious and rude you are the best .. that are poor in spirit …
      My sincere apologies if my discomfort caused… but insist think that nobody is entitled to use Christ (or representation) for offensive
      But, im ask: my feeling its no important?

      • She,
        Your feelings are important. My feelings are important. Neither can override the right to freedom of speech and the value of self-expression. I wish you weren’t feeling so personally attacked, as that was certainly not our intention. But the offense you take by simply viewing one cartoon image on the internet does not in any way make us feel compelled to take it down. We could have deleted the negative comments we’ve received on this blog post, but we didn’t because we value your desire to express yourself as much as our own. We could have complained about the small protest at the sale event and tried to get the protesters banned from the sim, but we didn’t because you have the right to state your feelings and beliefs as much we as do. You can shout from the rooftops that you don’t think anyone should be allowed to use a cross in any way that might offend you. I wouldn’t try to stop you. We can disagree all day long. And in the end, neither of us has the right to deny the other their thoughts or expression of them. If we all went around biting our tongues for fear that something we say may offend someone else, there would be nothing left to say in the world. It would be nothing but crickets chirping.
        We were not trying to be outrageous. Honestly I was surprised that some people would take such great offense. In hindsight, I should not have been, but I guess that’s a statement on how naïve and out of touch I am with the sensitivities and insecurities of people with vastly different beliefs than mine. But this simple tattoo isn’t a blatant condemnation of Christianity (although I may do some like that in the future because now I’m all riled up about it). It’s not a picture of me fucking myself with a crucifix. It’s a drawing of a cross near my vagina. Does your god hate the female body so much that it’s shameful for him to be associated with it? Aren’t there more important things in the world for Christians to protest, like human slavery and genocide?
        You can insist all you like that no one has the right to use religious symbols in a way that may be offensive to some. But you’re wrong. We do have the right, and we’re expressing it. You may be wearing a cross around your neck right this moment, and that would offend millions of people worldwide. We’re not asking you to take it off, and we’re not taking down this picture or removing the item up for sale or apologizing for our self-expression. ❤ Tart.

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