New from .synt. for Fashionably Late!

“Won’t you… come by and see me,
I’m a love letter away.
I’d break your name before I’d say
I really love you, love you.”

This is our newest release and it’s out at a discounted price at Fashionably Late, the fantastic sales event on the CHIC sim where our new .synt. mainstore is now located also!  So here’s the deal:  in the set you get five brand new poses (four standing, one laying down), two love letters (one that attaches to hand and the other that you can carry around in your mouth–if you’re the sort of person who carries things around in your mouth, and let’s admit–sometimes we are all), and an empty pose ball to throw the poses into for ease of photo taking.  You’ll want to edit the position of the letter for each of the hand shots so it faces the right direction, but that’s not so tricky.  Y’all are pros at this game.

Hope you like it!


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