If you like it violent we can play rough and tumble.

As we said in our previous post, not only are we super excited about the CHIC birthday event starting at 4pm today, for the first time ever we are participating as designers! 
It’s a massive honor to be asked to present our work alongside some of the best designers in SL. 
The picture above features our exclusive item. More details and a LM will follow soon when the event officially opens later today!
As before, anything with *** donates something from the event.

Skin:  ::DT:: ::RooS:: TANNED – Basic // iki.ikarus
Makeup:  PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Matte Don’t Stop Yet // brutus.martinek
Hair:  *Kookie * Chiggy – chocolate brown // kookie.lemon
Tattoo:  :::insanya::: Tattoo – Courage // tatyana.ultsch
***Earrings:  PIDIDDLE – Coral Earring – Barnacle – PurePearl // brutus.martinek
Choker:  *Urbanity* Key to my Heart Choker // trixi.wuyts
Nails:  Candy Nail #H9 STUDS // peche.bury
Belt:  [Acide!] Chained Belt V1 // acide.innovia
Wrist wraps:  ~Scribble~ Ballet Wraps/Black // radio.signals
Blindfold:  Picnic blindfold : narcissus white // nyasyousa.oh  (Previous DU4 Item)
Fishnets:  erratic / fishnet wide / black // erratic.rain
***Bodysuit:  .Magoa. Not That Kind Of Girl Bodysuit // Keira Seerose ❤
Shoes:  Ducknipple – Shoebido – Gray // beanster.potato
***Chandelier + Pose:  .synt. Prop Chandelier // Tart Quandry


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