For Alabama.

You may have heard of the Alabama Tornado Disaster relief fundraiser, if you didn’t, you have now.  We were so pleased to be asked to take part and donate some items.

There are so many great stores involved and 100% of the proceeds go to  the relief effort!


One thought on “For Alabama.

  1. LOVE the shorts! And the look in general. But, gah, it’s so sad how many fundraisers are needed these past few months. And, of course, now there’s the Joplin, Michigan tornado (and other affected areas). Also, I don’t want to people to forget, even though there’s no fundraiser and it is a small-scale disaster compared to the others, that the first area to be ravaged by tornadoes was North Carolina – in particular Bertie County was hit hard, as well as my home city, Raleigh, NC, in Wake County. My next door neighbor’s house was destroyed and another neighbor had their garage destroyed. In other parts of the city, the devestation was much worse. We (the state as a whole) were hit twice this year – on 4/16/11, & during the Alabama hurricanes in late April. Speaking of the 4/16/11 hurricane, WRAL’s website (a local news channel) said, “The National Weather Service said Friday that the number of confirmed tornadoes that tore across central and eastern North Carolina last Saturday is up to 28, which breaks the state record for the size of a tornado outbreak,” that “dozen supercell thunderstorms passed over the state, and some spawned families of tornadoes,” that “five of the tornadoes to hit North Carolina were listed as EF3, with wind speeds of 136 to 165 mph,” and that “the federal government declared 18 [of 100] counties disaster areas.” This includes the county in which I reside, Wake County, home of the state’s capitol, Raleigh. This only refers to the 4/16/11 tornadoes, not those the day of the Alabama tornadoes, which, as I said earlier, impacted us as well. Anyway, done babbling. I just don’t want people to forget that there are many, many regularly occurring disasters, and not every one is newsworthy enough or devestating enough to get its own fundraiser. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help other distaster-stricken areas. Simply donate directly to the Red Cross and earmark your donation to go to whatever area you want to help. That being said, I’m really impressed by how many people have been inspired to come to the aid of Alabama in their time of need and hope to see the same thing come to pass for the Joplin tornadoes. Okay, preachy soapbox time over… Those are great items!!! I am especially in love with the itty bitty torn daisy dukes! They may even be better than my fave short shorts from Larry Jeans. Le sigh, it’ll all half to wait for me, as I am broke. This is, of course assuming they’re stil available! Lawl! 🙂

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