Demanding attention like a drug to which you had been addicted years ago.

Two things.

1:  You’re going to love Culture Shock.
2:  Please take a moment to check out a fantastic new feed called Style Academy.  Really great stuff going on there and we were so excited to be invited!

Dress:  [LWL] High Tea Gown (Rose) // Faint Paulse (for Culture Shock!)
Bustier:  KIM- Wardrobe 9 – LeoWild Top // Kimberly Flagon (for Culture Shock!)
Leg Wraps:  ~Scribble~ Ballet Wraps/Black // Radio Signals
Shoes:  Ducknipple – Shoebido – Gray // beanster Potato (for Culture Shock!)
Gloves:  [VanGuard] Driving Gloves (Jet Black) // Dyce Parx
Choker:  lassitude & ennui Ophelia bow & pearl choker // Jackal Ennui (for Culture Shock!)
Hair Pin:  ::Happy Finds:: Rose Pink Hair Pin // AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur
Eyelashes:  Vita’s Boudoir – Serious vamp lashes // Vitabela Dubrovna (for Culture Shock!)
Earrings:  .+*AA*+. Teardrop earring *black // aya Huldschinsky (new!)
Necklace:  .+*AA*+. Teardrop necklace *white // aya Huldschinsky (new!)
Ring:  :: Awesome Blossom :: Poppy Ring // Clementine Ishtari (from the Albero kawaii hunt)
Hair:  (Posh) ; Vindicated ; Wheat // Jeanie Valois
Eyebrows:  :Curio: Acorn [Light] Ice Queen-Blond Brows // Gala Phoenix
Eyes:  .ID. Soft Pastel Eyes – Sherbet // Audrey Lamede (past group gift)
Skin:  .:::Mother Goose’s::. Sophie–Moss Rose // milok Hermit
Pose:  .synt. All alone in space and time // ScarlettLily Saphir


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