Surround my heartbeat with your fingertips.

Sweatshirt:  (Milk Motion) My little cashmere // Marie Lauridsen (for FLF)
Undershirt:  * [DIAPOP] * off shoulder ::white linen:: // Dianne Peccable
Skirt:  >>Alexohol: Flirtini Skirt-Pink<< // AlexandraM Guisse (for SNF)
Leggings:  [croire] berry sheer leggings // Emily Kaestner (not out yet but they should be because they are perfect already!)
Socks:  [ bubble ] Basic Grey Socks // moonbubble Gothly
Shoes:  *YS&YS* Cala Saona Ghost // Monyka Benelli
Bracelet:  (wml) mahar bracelet – pearl // Magnolia Sapphire (freebie!)
Tongue:  -RC- Twisted Tongues (upleft) // Redd Columbia
Necklace:  TDR Special – necklace – gold peacock // Xoph Adamczyk
Hair bow:  [croire] cinnamon swirl bow // Emily Kaestner (for Zombie Popcorn)
Hair:  Magika // Sandara // Sabina Gully (50L for exclusive color at LeLook location)
Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. Prida(2)LB/winter // milok Hermit (lucky board item)
Pose:  I knew that would make you happy. (by me)


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