Just when you think you’ve caught her.

Skin:  .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Warmth – Stained A3 // Crushed Clarity  (New!)
Cleavage:  .ILLUSORY. Cleavage_Warmth – Type A   // Crushed Clarity  (New!)
Make up:  .:Glamorize:. Knockout Eyes – Silver // Micalia Darkrose
Hair:  .ploom. Twilla – Ink // Helyanwe Vindaloo  (New!)
Ears:  .ILLUSORY. Elven Ear – a5 // Crushed Clarity  (New!)
Necklace:  *Ticky Tacky* Pandora Necklace – Merry Widow Silver // Narita Rayne
Ring:  Cobrahive – Shield Ring BLACK // Chikane Kaligawa
Belt:  Emery – Belt Double #Black // sunami Beck
Finger tape:  SiniStyle Taped Fingers // Krius Misfit
Socks:  -LMK-Basic knee knit socks (Black) // Petruva Clemenceau
Leggings:  Peqe – Cutout Tights Light // Inex Hax
Dress:  Doppelganger Inc. – Tux Dress // Syler Morgwain  (Free gift at the new main store!)
Vest:  Kyoot – All That Glitters Vest // Saeya Nyanda  (Free gift at the new Illusory satellite store!)
Boots:  [Gos] GTFO Boots in Black // Gospel Voom
Pose:  GLITTERATI – 157 // Katey Coppola


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