He laughed at my sins, in his arms I must stay.

Hi there!  I’m really sick and feeling very grr and dark and moody. But there is a super Christmas sale going on at Euphoria right now!  So me and my bad mood went to pick up some bargains.  You should go.  Like right now.  Anything with **** was found at Euphoria.

Skin:  -tb- {Pale} Blessa: Clean // Julliette Westerburg
Make up:  -Glam Affair – Make up layer 5 // aida Ewing ****
Hair:  *eha~ Chiko Orange // Salut Erin  (It seriously took me an hour to find their new mainstore, and when I did find it, the Slurl dropped me on the ground when the store is 2000 m in the air.  It’s here.)
Bracelet:  Oh! Studio::My White Roses Bangle::Ivory // Marcopol Oh ****
Necklace:  LaGyo_Christmas Holly necklace // Gyorgyna Larnia ****
Earrings:  *Ticky Tacky* The Hunter Earrings – Ebony // Narita Rayna
Bag:  (Milk Motion) My leather patchwork bag // Marie Lauridsen  (Stumblebum Item)
Socks:  *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Butterfly // Nena Janus
Shirt:  ::{u.f.o}::Naughty printing – headshot // charming Meiler ****
Skirt:  :: fore :: mini flower skirt // ruca Moyet ****
Cardigan:  {SMS} Basic Cardigan Grey // Irie Campese
Shoes:  *YS&YS* Tiburon black // Monyka Benelli
Pose:  xbordeaux – snakes, snails and fairytales // Xanadu Capelo


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