Your little hoodrat friend got me high, though.

This morning I adore Kaz Pexie who just released two adorable sets of poses for Visavi.  If you haven’t been to her store, you don’t rock hard enough.

Sweater:  *Crazy* Mums Sweater
Pants:  KHUSH Zip Leggings – Pink
Shoes:  *COCO*_EngineerBoots_Black
Jewelry:  .:A&M:. Messed Memory Wire Set – Silver&Black
Tattoo:  GoK – the tibetan Book
Piercings:  – .HoD. – The Crow’s Crux – Razor
Lashes:  [ glow ] Bohemian – Drama
Makeup:  Cheap Makeup – Betty 6
Hair:  [e] Rush – Brown 10
Skin:  [ATOMIC] Audri_Caramel – Abyss 2 FRECK
Pose:  – V – Strawberry tea. (new!)


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