There is a time when summer rusts like wheat.

Just a quick post on the Tea Hunt.  20 stores, 22 little black boxes all in one space, all set to 0-1L.  So. very. cute.  Oh!  The bag is from there too, it’s the second gift from TokiD.  Hello, tea bag purse.  Aren’t you precious.

Dress:  :: fore :: tunkOP (Tea Hunt item)
Shirt:  (TokiD) knit top (Tea Hunt item)
Leg Warmers:  tram knit leg warmers – limited color red (Tea Hunt item)
Shoes:  +mocha+ – Trad Style of Japan [Temari] (Tea Hunt item)
Bracelets:  *Ticky Tacky* Hestia Bangles – Pumpkin
Hair:  ++AY.Line++ Assam[[Cream]] (Tea Hunt item)
Skin:  Myernva – Belita 7
Pose:  DM – Penguin chic


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