Maybe I had said something that was wrong.

First, let me start by saying I am totally in love with Modd.G today. All the new stuff there is full of win and so pretty.  Secondly, this will be my last post for a couple of weeks. It’s vacation time. I leave you in the capable and adorable hands of Tart, who will continue to blog all the awesomeness while I’m away. ❤

Skin:  MYNERVA – Caramel~PJV2
Freckles:  MYNERVA – Dot2Dot
Hair:  LOGO Victoria – Sienna
Tattoo:  flowey. eternal love
Ring:  =IZUMIYA=Brown Knit Ring
Socks:  +mocha+  –  Loose Socks  –  Plain Dirty [Gray]
Belt:  *LOTTA_FringeBelt(bk)
Necklace:  *Ticky Tacky* Hestia Necklace – Butternut
Bag:  Modd.G Leather Tassel Bag – Brown/Grey
Sweater:  Modd.G Donna Slouch Sweater Grey
Shorts:  Modd.G Basic Denim Shorts Grey
Undershirt:  !Nayar – Emery – WHITE TANK
Shoes:  Modd.G Una Strappy Sandals
Pose:  dfo! [thisthat] eccentric in a quaint way


2 thoughts on “Maybe I had said something that was wrong.

    • Thank you, ET!
      I get all my eyes from Tres Blah. They are the best around in my opinion. The ones shown in this picture are the Icey eyes.
      Hope that helped! ❤

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