It’s like we’re having an affair.

Alright.  So I went seriously crazy at the Emery sale (today is the last day!  go!  now!) and we are both refusing to take off the Tee*fy blazer out right now at TDR Blue.  I am now out of excuses.

[14:32]  Tart Quandry: More importantly, I am not taking off this tee*fy blazer.
[14:33]  ScarlettLily Saphir: I was just going to blog it.
[14:33]  Tart Quandry: You should joint blog us.
[14:33]  ScarlettLily Saphir: Both wearing the blazer?
[14:33]  Tart Quandry: Well I’m not taking it off, so you’ll have to.
[14:33]  ScarlettLily Saphir: Le sigh.

On ScarlettLily (left):

Skin:  MYNERVA – Fudge~Plain Jane
Hair:  The GL – Yuuta 2 – Black3
Make-up:  Cheap Makeup Bright Lights 2  –  Gatcha item!
Bracelet:  *Ticky Tacky* Lick It! Bangle – Black
Earrings:  *BOOM* Ion Earrings Platinum
Neckalce:  Ha! And their Faith is Firm *silver* Female  –  TDR Blue
Tights:  :::LiNe::: Nesrin Pantyhose/Black
Tank top:  [Plastik] -SlingTank-USL-45-Gunmetal
Skirt:  FAB.PONY Sparklez Skirt
Jacket:  Tee*fy Ashley Blazer LaceyLaceyMe  –  TDR Blue
Shoes:  Armidi Gisaci – Vidalia Pump – Metallic Silver

On Tart (right):

Jacket:  Tee*fy Ashley Blazer LaceyLaceyMe  –  TDR Blue
Shirt:  Emery – Tank Men #Pure
Belt:  Emery – Belt Bake #Fuscia
Pants:  Emery – Denim Quarry #02
Socks:  Emery – Socks Orchid Club v2 #Black
Shoes:  [GoS] [Docs] 8 Hole – F – Black
Makeup:  TIK TOK makeup 5
Hair:  !lamb. Dog Roses – Kit Kat
Skin:  MYNERVA – Caramel~Plain Jane
Pose:  Actually I’m just going to shut up.  (by me!)


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