Always up for a challenge.

Meet Danny Dash.
He is my 1 day old avatar that I made in reply the challenge set by Gogo of Juicybomb.
My boyfriend and I were bored, so decided to go down the more difficult route of creating a male avi for less than 20L$.
After our obligatory gay moment…
[23:18]  Danny Dash loves you.
[23:18] Jakob Danick: I’m not replying to that f*cking thing.
… We set to work.
Skin:  LaVie Liam Skin Gift Tan  – 1L$
Shape:  Homemade
Eyes:  poetic colours eyes by LL – sunny glade  –  new avatar’s special under 30 days
Hair:  +Black Maria+ PuNk hair_H039_Gray  –  Free! – Colour modded
Fingertape:  *Luck Inc* Finger Tapes w/ nails  –  1L$
Piercing:  [-Buried-] :Basic Piercings: – Septum  –  1L$
Scarf:  ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf  –  Free!
Tattoo:  Mimi’s – seduction tattoo  –  Free!  (found on xstreet)
Shirt:  AITUI – Tee – Sheer Birdie – Classic  –  Group Gift
Jeans:  fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight)  –  GSH Gift
Shoes:  Akatsuki – Supra Sneakers Black  –  Lucky Chair Prize

4 thoughts on “Always up for a challenge.

  1. Oh man, your guy looks fantastic — great idea using the black jeans from! I hadn’t thought of those on a guy. And I had totally forgotten about the fingertape at Luck!

    Mind if I ask where you found that skin? It’s great, I’d like to have it for my noob (I did the same challenge, and finding a skin was the hardest part). I can’t find anything at LaVie that doesn’t require group membership!

    • Hey Vaki. I’m glad you liked my little man. I did have to subscribe to the LaVie group to get the skin, but as of yesterday when I made him, it was free enrollment. I’m not sure how long they’ll leave it that way, or even if they’ve already put it back to paid enrollment. I hope others are still able to get this skin for such a small price. If other people can’t get this skin I’ll make sure I hunt around for another and pimp Danny Dash out some more!

      • Oh, I’m so jealous — enrollment’s L$250 now (from what Jakob says, free enrollment ended yesterday…just my luck), but /damn/ that’s a great skin! I looked for ages to get a really good guy skin for free.

        Your styling is fantastic.

  2. Skin´s & clothes 1 L ,Activate LaVie Group to recieve, Group still open and free enrollment.

    Take few minutes to rez and use the teleporters ( streetsigns) at the landing point.
    Female skin left and male skin right from landing point.

    free group enrollment ends Monday July 5th.

    The group was open enrollment.

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