sneak attack stories of llamas

Hair:  >TRUTH< Nicola – Driftwood
Dress:  *BOOM* 15-Love (lt blue/yellow)
Leggings:  couverture*kiyoshi-leggings YELLOW
Shoes:  .+*AA*+. Flats – star light *blue
Earrings:  (WY) peacock earrings
Bracelet/corndog:  [SC] Surf Couture – Beach Pass Bracelets & Yummy Corn Dog!
Sunglasses:  Emery – Sunglasses Aviator Storm (gold frames)
Skin:  :Curio: Acorn – Elf2 – Lore
Pose:  oOo 1940’s – Revlon


4 thoughts on “sneak attack stories of llamas

  1. Hi there, love your blog. Adding it to my blog roll. Could you help with the blue flats in this post. did a search for +*AA*+ and it isn’t coming up in search.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ember Randt.

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